How to do Pedicure at Home

Posted in DIY, Lifestyle, Nails
on 20th July 2017

What could be more saddening than looking down at your feet while sporting a cute pair of open-toed sandals and noticing unsightly dry heels, ingrown toenails and chipped nail polish. Just pampering your face and body is not enough. It is equally important to take care of your feet to provide some relief to it. Damaged and poorly kept feet is a major no-no, so here we bring you some simple tips to pamper yourself by giving a pedicure to your feet at home at your convenience to enhance your overall beauty and personality.

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Fight frizzes this monsoon

Posted in Hair Care
on 20th July 2017

Monsoons are knocking on our doorsteps with the intoxicating fragrance of rain on the parched earth, the lush green freshly bathed trees and, of course, the coolness of the breeze but along it also comes hot and humid weather, making your hair turn frizzy, unmanageable and complex compelling making every day a bad hair day.

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Hacks for oily skin

Posted in Skin Care
on 24th June 2017

A silky smooth skin can get head turns, eyes rolling and set everything on fire. Unfortunately, it is a nerve wrecking task for many women who are troubled by the problem of oily skin and especially when it’s summer, dirt, pimples, blackheads, and nose so oily that you can make french fries with it…

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Mcaffeine-The New Caffeine In Town

Posted in Hair Care, Skin Care, Store
on 12th June 2017

You must be seeing a lot of new brands on the shelves for skin and hair, you definitely won’t buy all of ’em in one go. Also, you must be drinking a lot of coffee? What if your two favourite habits are incorporated to form an energising product?  Continue reading

Top 10 Makeup Products under Rs. 1000

Posted in Makeup
on 12th June 2017

Have you ever entered a mall’s makeup section and felt like all the products are staring at you and you feel depressed that you can’t afford to shop them all and end up picking up the wrong product that does not even suit you. Shopping should be a relaxing therapy and you should feel calm and relaxed especially when you shop for your makeup products. Here is the list of some amazing makeup products that you can easily add in your monthly budget.

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Beauty and Fashion Must Haves for College Girls

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle, Makeup, Skin Care
on 5th June 2017

School time gave us the habit of preparing school bag every day but our college life is very different from school so as its bag and things in it. I know we all are very excited for entering into our college life but no one wants to waste time and money picking up wrong stuff. This list will help you to prepare yourself for college without any confusion. Continue reading


Posted in Makeup, Skin Care
on 31st May 2017

Oh yes, We are absolutely heart makeup and never miss a chance to play with it like a li’l girl obsessing about it standing right in front of our mirrors. But, ever thought what really happens to the skin when it’s all pretty and baked? So there’s a complete shield of various products on the very superficial layer of your skin. It doesn’t end there and it still keeps penetrating deep into the layers underneath. Continue reading

Top Organic Beauty Buys under ₹1000

Posted in Hair Care, Skin Care, Store
on 31st May 2017

Think you have to shell out big bucks to enjoy the luxury of organic beauty products? We found some great organic skincare and hair care products, which are free from harsh chemicals, and safe for your skin and luscious locks.

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