Indian weddings are not celebrated for just a day or two, the celebration goes on for a week with five to six functions, millions of memories and facebook and Instagram full of pictures. One thing we all ladies are worried in summer weddings is how to maintain that beautiful look all day. We all agree the moment we step out in summers our makeup starts going places it’s not supposed to. Don’t you worry ladies, this article will help you to maintain that wedding look till the end and pose all the time for new social media posts.

Waterproof eye shadow

Before picking any makeup product, make sure it is waterproof, especially your eye makeup. Eye makeup is very difficult to maintain and we are not using right products then we can end up having that raccoon-eyed situation. MIYO eye shadow is the best product I have come across, not only they have great shades but are completely waterproof.

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In summers it’s very difficult to decide which type of eyeliner we should prefer the pencil eyeliner or the liquid eyeliner, which one will last long and don’t smudge. Go for a liquid waterproof eyeliner which will not fade while you’re on the dance floor. We suggest you go for Revolution Ultra Black Liquid Eyeliner which is a long-lasting waterproof eyeliner.

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Long dense lashes are the dream of every girl but in summers if you are using wrong mascara then it can ruin all your makeup. Go for thick, waterproof mascara that will not smudge in summers like the Maybelline Colossal Mascara which is long lasting and waterproof.

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Powder Blush

To make your cheeks blush throughout the wedding you need to opt for powder blush. Powder blush will set the base and gives you fresh glowing and beautiful look. Natio Blusher Rosewood gives a natural pink glow to your cheeks or you can choose between different shades of blushes from Freedom.

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Makeup Setting Spray

What if one spray your could set your makeup for hours? REVOLUTION PRO-FIX AMAZING MAKEUP FIXING SPRAY is here for you to make you look perfect all the time. Complete your makeup and then use this fixing spray that will protect your master piece. What a relief right!!

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Complete your traditional look with the nice pairs of sunglasses. Put on that Kala Chashma to rock the wedding and enjoy with the style. No bride and bridesmaids can complete the wedding albums without her posing in sunglasses.

Indian_wedding_bride_bridemaids_bloosom_summerBody Mist

Deodorant days are gone and how many times you will apply that same fragranced perfume again and again which are difficult to carry. Body Mists are here to give you fresh fruity fragrance. Try the Grace Cole range of Body Mists and feel fresh all the time.


Carry a pack of wipes with you to clean all the sweat or your makeup. It will give you clean and fresh skin without any rashes and spots. Wipes are easy to use and give you perfect cleaning.

I hope with all these tips you help you keep your glam on this weeding season.