Makeup can highlight and enhance the beauty of any person within minutes. As the makeup industry is growing, there are lots and lots of Makeup products released every month in the market. And this may be overwhelming and confusing for any beginners. So all the beginners who want to start their makeup journey, this post is for you! I will list some makeup products which are basic and are necessary to do any sort of makeup look.

Base Makeup

Let me start with the base makeup. If you are very new to makeup then I would suggest you first try a BB or CC cream before going in for a foundation. BB(Beauty benefit) or CC (color correcting) creams usually gives a sheer coverage and doesn’t make the face look cakey. Once you have tried BB/CC then try the foundation. Choosing right shade is the most important role when you are picking your base makeup.


Things to keep in mind while purchasing your base makeup

  • Your skin type (oily/dry/combination)
  • Your skin tone
  • Your Undertone

If you are purchasing base makeup for the first time, don’t buy online. Try it at the makeup counter and buy one.



Concealer is used to hide your dark circles and dark spots. This is again an important thing in your makeup kit. If you are not in a mood for using BB/CC/ foundation, you can just conceal your dark circles and imperfections with the concealer which should be one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Then use the compact all over your face. It is important to set your concealer with a powder in order to prevent creasing.



So after you have applied your base, it is very important to set them using a compact. Compact can also be called as a pressed powder.  If you have oily skin then it is very important to set your T-zone with a compact


Well, you guys must be knowing Kohl.  Kajal/ kohl can be used just in you lower water line or both in lower and upper waterline to give that extra definition.



Eyeliners can further define your eyes and give structure to them. Now when it comes to eyeliner, there are 3 types of liners. Liquid, gel and felt tip liner. You can use any of these depending on your choice. But for beginners, I would recommend felt tip liners(sketch liners). They give a proper command and you can draw a smooth line without any difficulties.



Lipstick is my personal favorite makeup products. A lipstick addict can never have enough lipsticks. If you choose the right lipstick shade for your skin tone, then you can brighten up your face instantly even without any makeup. So you have to play with different colors in order to pick your RIGHT shade. I will try to recommend some shades according to the skin tone as per my experience. I hope that would help you. As a beginner try using warm tones. Because most of the times warm tone lipsticks don’t ’ash you off but cool toned lips do. And yes, lipstick shades depend on both skin tones and undertones.


Recommendations for different  skin tones

Fair skin tones- pink, fuschia, mauve, red, burnt orange, peaches

Medium skin tones- orange, maroon, red with pink undertone mauve

Dark skin tones- brown, wine, red and basically dark colors.



Mascara helps in opening up your eyes and makes your lashes bigger and voluminous. This does make a lot of difference to the entire makeup look.


So these are the makeup essentials which every beginner should have in their makeup kit. There are blush, contour, highlighters and many other makeup products which can be used but those seven are the basic products for the beginners.