Oh yes, We are absolutely heart makeup and never miss a chance to play with it like a li’l girl obsessing about it standing right in front of our mirrors. But, ever thought what really happens to the skin when it’s all pretty and baked? So there’s a complete shield of various products on the very superficial layer of your skin. It doesn’t end there and it still keeps penetrating deep into the layers underneath.

No matter how alluring it may seem we also know that it also does a lot of damage to the skin if left for long hours. We didn’t mean to turn your dream into a nightmare this is why we are here with a list of things that’ll help you avoid any harsh consequences ever!


Follow these simple rules:



Make it a thumb rule to clean your makeup with a good makeup remover that removes every trace thoroughly and also acts as a good toner for balancing the PH levels of your skin. Makeup Revolution London is one of the best makeup removers available in the market known for its dual properties.

The dual phase action consists of cleansing ingredients in the upper liquid whilst the bottom thick liquid contains removal ingredients. Just shake well before use and dab some on the cotton pad/ball, apply in gentle strokes over the face and neck. Rinse with cold water.

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_0000_nutritive-argan Once you are done removing your makeup, use a facial cleanser to remove any more dirt or oil left so that the your skin can breathe freely and you prepare your skin for the next step. We suggest you use Roots & Herbs Nutritive Argan Facial Cleanser.

This premium Ayurvedic cleanser is a blend of cold pressed oils which helps in cleansing, removing of dead skin cells and toxins. All this, without stripping the skin’s natural moisture content. The best part is you can use it twice or thrice in a day whenever you step inside the house after having a not so pollution free day!

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Now there’s a modification in the basic old school CTM ritual that you follow which is incorporated with the USE OF FACE PACK! Yes, face packs are the most handy products that help in maintaining the nourishment of our skin.

TVAM’s Sandalwood face pack is one such product, it’ll help you avoid any rash, acnes, reduce wrinkles and blemishes not just as a result of using excessive makeup but because of your daily stress too. After you’re done with cleansing and toning just rinse your face well with water and pat dry. Apply sufficient amount of sandalwood face pack mixed with rose water or milk, create a paste and apply it liberally all over your face and leave it till it is completely dry.


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The last and the most important one is that how good you moisturise your skin. After your skin is exposed to so many products which might be chemically activated as well, you need to keep your skin supple too. So, a refreshing moisturiser is an essential. Rosa Salt Face Creme By Vana Vidhi is perfect fusion of rose oil and himalayan salt leaving your skin velvety soft.

It contains high amount of Vitamin C which is also a powerful source of anti oxidants keeping the pores tight and combats bacteria help reaching the skin high level of clarity.

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We believe that no matter how great your makeup looks, at the end of the night it still needs to come off.