Since I was down with Drake’s #KikiChallenge I had to hop on the newestInsta-conquest: a mask a day. Conceived in the far East, I was forewarned, this new fad wasn’t for the faint of heart. With sheet masks boasting of exotic ingredients (think: snail-slime, acne-busting snake-venom and pitch-black volcanic ash), that transforms skin, I was too FOMO not to pack on. And, if all my hard-work paid off in skin-perfection, there was really nothing holding me back.

Armed with equal parts patience and persistence here’s how I fared in the glow-from-within challenge. Was the week-long experiment worth the hype with the sought-after outcome – glass-skin? Heck yes, but to truly understand how I fared you’ll need to scroll lower.

Day 1:  Let’s start at the very beginning. I’m #notsoblessed with the oiliest, hyperactive sebaceous glands on the planet. To counteract them I’m always in search of light-weight based sheet masks that hydrate. Skin Republic’s Collagen Infusion Face Mask –

Day 2: After a long, tiring day at work, I was looking forward to chilling with Skin Republic’s BRIGHTENING VITAMIN C

. I’d heard rave reviews about this particular mask ‘cos it’s a two-in-one. It acts as a mild exfoliator, getting rid of gunk and grime while Vitamin C goes down to the cellular level banishing most visible signs of aging. Fifteen minutes later I was a convert. The cooling mask-come-scrub gave off instant results.

Day 3: Now that my crash course in K-beauty was going pretty well, I decided to dig deeper to reap even better results. Skin Republic’s Volcanic Ash Mud Sheet Face Mask –

was next on my list. Unlike its predecessors this one was a mud mask, giving me enough time to kick back (wine glass in hand). Infused with a concoction of Tea Tree and Fruit Acids, within a few minutes it started clarifying my skin. This face cocktail definitely delivered baby-soft skin.

Day 4: I was bang in the middle of the week and my skin needed a tall shot of water, yet again. This time around I chose Skin Republic’s GOLD HYDROGEL FACE MASK –

behold, as soon as I patted in on, my face drank up the Hydrogel. Yes, enriched with antioxidants, minerals and plant extracts it was just the mix (and fix) my face craved. I’ll let you on a little secret, I even used up the left-over serum from the packet to dab my neck. Why waste, right.

Day 5: With three days to go I wanted to have some fun. Skin Republic’s BUBBLE PURIFYING + CHARCOAL FACE MASK –

caught my eye. I mean, come on – bubbles – need I say more. As soon as I applied the face mask, the oxygen in the air activated them and it felt like a party on my face – popping, fizzying and foaming! Not even a couple of minutes later, my whole face mimicked lather and I was truly impressed. Then, I used the mask itself to exfoliate (two birds, one stone). Genius.

Day 6: Almost at the end of my challenge I decided it was time for a decadent treat. Skin Republic 24K GOLD PEEL-OFF –

piqued my interest. Its Insta-friendly packaging did the trick. Not stopping there, rich in age-defying minerals and fruit extracts, it was just THE knight in shining armor leaving my face looking lit. This was one of the rare moments in life when I literally ‘shone like a diamond’ before I peeled it off revealing crystal-clear skin.

Day 7: To end on a high, I saved the best for last: Skin Republic’s HYALURONIC ACID + COLLAGEN 2 STEP –

This bad boy took my skin from glowing to gleaming. Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen flushed off toxins and pollution, settling deep into the dermis. The result – my softest, smoothest skin yet. The serum was so quickly absorbed that after the whole week I looked a whole lot fresher.

I’d highly recommend trying out the mask-a-day challenge as a fun way to reboot the dull CTM.