There are trends which become classic and there are those which attain classicality and then return to awe us once more. The 90’s trend of chokers is one from the later category, which is back in vogue and how! Almost everybody fashionable and important is wearing a version of a choker.

From your favourite celebrities to the fashion bloggers you religiously follow each one a different type, ranging from plastic wired bands to lace threads and just plain ribbons even. And girls it’s about time to invest anything from 50 to 80 Rs. in one for yourself too. Yeah, check out Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Market for this steal! 😉 So they are cheap, cool, in-trend and even can be ‘DIY’ed! And those are reasons enough to get ‘choking’ on this latest fashion obsession!
These are available in various styles, colors, material and thus can be styled according to your individual preference and easily matched with a variety of outfits.Big accessory brands like Claire’s  have now a dedicated section for this revamped trend. Even global online shopping platform like Asos stocks it. So girls, it’s about time to choke on chokers because, in this fast fashion age, you can’t afford to be left behind a few big trends! Choke’ em up!

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