Getting your fingers tangled in your frizzy hair while doing your sassy hair flip, breaks your heart right? We don’t realise that we are making so many mistakes while washing our hair that makes them dry and damaged. By avoiding these mistakes we can protect our hair from a lot of damage. These beauty tips will help you to properly wash your hair and make sure they remain healthy and shiny.

Steaming Hot Water

Hot steamy bath is relaxing but that hot water can damage your hair leaving them frizzy and dull. Hot water also fades the colour from your hair. Too cold water can also have adverse effects. Try to start washing your hair with lukewarm water and slowly switch to normal or cold water. This will keep your hair cuticle sealed and give you non-frizzy hair.


Using Sulphate Loaded Shampoos

We always hear use chemical free, sulphate free shampoo but no one really pays attention to this while buying their shampoos. It’s very important to use sulphate free shampoo as sulphate strips away the natural oil from your scalp and leads to frizzy hair. Non-Sulphate shampoos are far more gentle and keep the hair follicles tight. Our top picks for sulphate free shampoos are:

TVAM Rosemary Mint Shampoo

Splurge Hair Cleanser

Not Brushing your hair

Brushing your hair before washing them is important, shocking right? If you brush your hair before washing them, it helps in removing dirt easily as well as your hair remain untangled and straight. After washing, Brush your hair with wide tooth comb. Wet hair are more prone to breakage, so wide tooth comb will pass through your hair easily without breaking them.


Going harsh with the shampoo

Mostly we are in hurry but hair wash is a necessity, we harshly rub shampoo on our scalp. Avoid doing this, as harsh rubbing on the scalp can lead to overproduced natural oil. Try massaging your hair gently and properly with fingers tips instead of using your palms.

Skipping Conditioner

If you are one of those people who doesn’t use conditioner then blame your shampoo for the dryness in your hairs. I was one of them assuming conditioner is not for me because of oily scalp. A conditioner is very important for your hair, it’s just that you are using it wrong. Conditioner is for your ends and not for your roots. Apply conditioner starting from the mid length of your hair till the very ends that will give you soft and silky hairs. Try Bio Bloom Hair Conditioner for frizz free hair.

Hair_wash_dryer _Conditioner_Mistakes_Care

Rushing through Conditioner

Avoid applying conditioner just after washing off shampoo, rinse all the extra water from your hair after shampoo then apply your conditioner. Applying conditioner on soaking wet hair will lessen the effect of conditioner. Don’t wash conditioner straight after applying it, believe me, you are just wasting your product and time. Give 2-3 minutes to work effectively on your hairs and then wash it.

Using a Blow Dryer

Hair_wash_dryer _ Mistakes_Care

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid using a blow dryer or other tools so first try soaking your hair with a towel and remember don’t rub them too hard. Start using a blow dryer with hot air setting and then slowly switch to cold air. This will lock your hairstyle and less damage to your hair.

I personally feel the change in my hair texture after trying these tips for correct hair wash. Look and feels best with your smooth soft silky hair.