Hi Everyone,

This Sunday is a special one because it’s time to celebrate the most exciting, fun and everlasting bond in our life -Friendship. Keep reading to find some cool ways to celebrate friendship day

Here are some fun ideas to celebrate Friendship day with your special people

  1. Sit down together to go through the memory lane browse your old photographs and discuss the funniest, craziest memories of you have with your best friends. old_photos
  2. Have a movie night. Grab some of your favourite movies that you’ll love to watch together.  movie_night
  3. Good old prank calls: Pull a prank call one of your friends and then join hands to pull another prank on the next victimPrank_phone_call
  4. Find the nearest brewery and search for your next best beer together.beer_with_friends
  5. Go to a coffee shop together and realize that Friends made it look far more enjoyable than it actually is. You know just for an experiment (or after you’re hammered).coffee_with_friebds
  6. If you have a couple of competitive friends who have gone back and forth about who’s faster, smarter or better at something, have ‘em go head to head to put an end to the speculation and earn someone bragging rights.competition_between_friends
  7. Sit down together and plan, in full detail, a fun trip to take place at some point this year. If at all possible, make it official by purchasing tickets or hotels to your destination and let the counting down of days can begin.vacation_with_friends
  8. Make a personal photo booth. Get some fancy decoration and props and a have a crazy photo session with your friends.

I hope some these ideas inspire your friendship day celebration or give some ideas for your next get together with friends. Comment down below which one’s your favourite and what’s your favourite way of spending time with your bff.