I hope you’re enjoying this festive season and your preparations are at full force. Our Indian festivals are all about bright colors and liveliness making them the perfect opportunity to experiment with bright nail paints. Here are our top picks for Nail Paints you need to this festive season.

  1. LYN Nail Paint – Drop Red Gorgeous 274


    Red is the first choice for most of us when it comes to celebrations. This beautiful red is the true red shade and will got with every outfit.

  2. LYN Nail Paint – Silver Spoon Me 85448_54_silver-spoon-me-jpg-890x672Festivals are the perfect occasion to experiment with shades like silver. This pretty nail colour has a soothing silver base and micro glitter particles.
  3. LYN Nail Paint – Didya Vinka At me 46558_64_didya-vinka-at-me-jpg-890x672This is a peachy pink shade perfect for every occasion, you can flaunt this shade at the festive parties and can also wear it at work.
  4. LYN Nail Paint – The Gold & The Beautiful 267 35_40_gold-and-the-beautiful-jpg-445x356Add some gold accents to your plain manicure with this golden top coat. You can pair it up with a solid color like red or pink or wear it on top of a neutral base coat.
  5. LYN Nail Paint – Pumpkin Up The Volume 65630_35_pumpkin-up-the-volume-jpg-890x672The orange trend is still strong. Spice up your nails with this subtle orange shade.

You can shop for these Nail Paints at http://www.globox.in/LYN-products

Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite shade?