We thought that acne would stop scaring us after the teenage years, but the red bumps still haunt us from time to time throughout our life. The occurrence of pimples can be due to seasonal changes or that ‘time of the month’. We asked our GloBox experts for their advice on treating acne and here’s what we found out.


Cleansing is the key

Acne occurs due to clogged pores. The sebum gets trapped in skin cells along with bacteria and causes the inflammation of the skin we call ‘a pimple’. Hence it is important to keep our pored clean and remove any dead skin cells. Use the right face wash according to your skin type.

Globox Recommends:

Ethicare Ethiglo Face Wash for normal to Combination Skin

This foam based face wash gently cleanses the skin without drying it

Rustic Art Lemon Face Wash for oily skin to combination skin

A gel based face wash with lemon as its active ingredient, it removes and controls excess oil formation and fights acne-causing bacteria

You can’t Skip the moisturizer

Many people think that applying a moisturizer would aggravate the acne but the truth is skipping moisturizer causes acne in many people. As in absence of moisture, the skin produces more sebum to compensate for it leading to acne. The key is to find the right moisturizer that will keep the skin moisture balance in check.

Globox Recommends:

Ethicare Hylugel Plus for oily skin

This is a non-comedogenic and oil controlling face moisturizer. It controls oil formation and acne keeping your skin matte and fresh all day

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Lavender Gel for combination skin

Pamper your Skin with a Face Mask

To deeply cleanse your skin and remove the acne causing bacteria from within you need a clarifying face mask. Clay based masks are the best as they control sebum formation and clean your skin deeply

Ethicare Akmasq Pimple Care for oily skin

Enriched with acne fighting ingredients like tea tree oil and turmeric It would leave your skin acne and blemish free with regular use.

Bio Bloom Honey, Lemon Juice & Olive Oil Face Pack for Combination to dry skin

Honey and lemon acts as anti bacterial agents, getting rid of acne and Olive oil replenishes the skin’s lost moisture


Spot treatment for the marks

To heal a pimple quickly and remove acne scars, you need to use a spot treatment regularly at night after washing your face. Wait for five minutes before you apply moisturizer. It is advised to use spot treatments only at night time as some ingredients can make your skin photo sensitive and their healing properties are maximum during night time.

Globox Recommends:

Oriflame Love Nature Blemish Solver for oily skin

With tea tree oil as its active ingredient, this blemish solver dries a pimple without leaving a scar.

Fuschia Anti-Blemish Serum -Mulberry & Saffron for combination skin

This serum will fade away blemishes and enhance your skin’s natural glow. It is a water-based formula that penetrates deep into the skin and heals scarred tissues.

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