Do you ever wonder why your freshly taken haircut looks so “off”? Ever got into solving the mystery of what might just accentuate your pretty face? We know how you just sit on that hot seat whenever you visit the salon and look at your hairstylist blabbing out things you won’t understand and say YES to whatever he pulls you in! Wait, en serio? (I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS? Well, Despacito got me talking all Spanish). Anyhow, we want you to go through these different face shape and determine which one’s yours



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Often confused for the oval face, though an oblong face will have a longer shape that is not as wide as oval often with a narrow chin. People with an oblong face could have a long chin and forehead. They typically don’t have full cheeks and their forehead, jaw, and cheeks are equal in width. You can do a lot with your hair if you fall under this category. Side bangs, toffee curls (loose waves), sleek straight layers are the best options.




The cheek area is slightly wider than the hairline and then drops into a pointed chin. There are no wide-set/squared off corners along the jawline. The best hairstyles for girls with the heart-shaped face would be Long Piecey Bangs, The Lob, The Deep side Part and Face Framing Layers or The Bouncy bob!




The biggest difference between round and square face shape are hard and soft lines in the jaw and near the temples. In a square face shape, these two features are almost equal at the widest part of the face and are more angular and exaggerated. To enhance this face shape try An Off-Centre Part, rounded fringes on the top, A Low Chignon, Lengths turning inwards below the collarbone to reduce the broadness around the jawline & A Deconstructed Pixie.





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Round faces are widest at the cheek bones, but shorter in length with a soft jaw line. To accentuate this face shape, build volume at the sides and low volume on top. To lengthen this shape, build volume on top and less volume on the sides. Cropped hair, Delicate Feather cut, A-Line /Asymmetrical, Shoulder Length Choppy Hair looks best.



Diamond Face shape is more angular than oval. Narrow at the top, wide at the cheekbones and narrow at the chin. Some flattering hairstyles for this shape – Either too short or long. Waves or straight, people with diamond shape face can channel anything anytime

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A pear-shaped face means that the widest points of your jaw are slightly wider than the widest points of your hairline. The pear-shaped face can be a difficult one since the emphasis is how to minimise the width of the jawline. Side Swept or Blunter Cut. Volume at the temples and sides can also work well to balance your narrower forehead with your jaw and a short wedge cut can work to balance by giving your width at the temples.













Go ahead girls life is too short to have boing hair. Chop Chop 💇🏻 💁🏻