We all deserve a quite pampering session but as much as we’ll love to it’s difficult to make time to relax. With a stressful week and the much-awaited shopping and brunches, our skin care takes a back seat leaving no time for relaxation. Today we’re busting a myth that you need to spend hours and money bills to have a relaxing spa session. It’s totally doable to have your very own spa session at the comfort of your home and relax your mind and body to combat the week ahead. Just follow these simple steps.


Have a cup of tea

Tea is the perfect drink when is comes to relax your senses. While many would rather go for a glass of wine, tea lovers know that it can be a better relaxant as it detoxifies the body and energizes our senses keeping us calm and relaxed without any side effects. So pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, keep in mind that it’s not loaded with caffeine and have natural ingredients. We love the Tea Treasure Herbal Tisane Tea and Tea Treasure Sweet Dreams for a relaxing session.


Dive into Aroma

Light up a scented candle and put on some soothing music to officially begin your home spa session. Then get an aromatic oil and massage your body for a good 15-20 min. Our favorite is the Soulflower Aroma Massage Oil Romance it’s soothing aroma relaxes the mind the natural oils leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Hot Shower

While we mostly rush through our shower time during the week, reserve the weekend for a long and relaxing shower or bath giving your skin the much-needed love. Lather on a creamy body wash and follow with a body scrub to exfoliate dead skin and improve blood circulation. Splurge Almond & Oatmeal Scrub has a combination of ingredients that remove dead skin cells leaving your skin refined and moisturized.

Moisturizer Power

You need to seal in the moisture and nourish your skin with hydrating agents for the long lasting smoothness and healthy radiance skin. Apply Skin Yoga Fresh Orange Body Mousse and massage it all over your body for a refreshed and soft skin.

Follow these simple tips to feel relaxed and rejuvenated and still save time (and money!!) to shop, eat and dance away the weekend.