Acne is among the most common and frustrating skin issues that any woman has to deal with at some point or the other. Sometimes you may think you’re doing everything you can to treat your acne but it does not improve. In this case, some of your habits may clear up all your efforts. To make it easy for you here is the list of most common bad habits that harm your skin and which make acne worse. So take a look at how many of these mistakes sound familiar to you.


 Touching Your Face


Your habit of touching your face, again and again, is one of the major cause of acne and breakouts. Your fingers secrete oil naturally, so touching your face would increase oiliness, leading to clogged pores!  Even if you feel your hands are clean, but your face may not be, causing the harmful acne-causing bacteria to spread around.  The touching and picking will also ensure that you are left with a scar. One of the best things you can do for your acne is to leave your face alone to heal itself.


 Not Cleaning Your Phone Screen Often


Your smart phone’s screen is the second biggest acne offender out there. Your face produces oil and sweat, which gets onto your phone when you’re on a call.  Make sure to clean your phone every day with some anti-bacterial wipes. If you do not clean it, the next time you put them on your face, the bacteria will grow up on your skin, causing breakouts.


Washing Your Face way too Much

Washing your face helps to remove dirt and oil, thus prevents acne, but washing your face way too much can also be troublesome. Washing too much can strip the skin of essential oils, making the skin dry causing more production of oil to combat dryness. Thus washing your face twice a day is enough to keep your skin healthy and dirt free.


Popping Pimples


Whenever we see a growing pimple,  we get this urge is to get rid of it ahead of time. Picking pimples do not help you remove it completely from your skin. popping pimples is the quickest way to spread bacteria and cause scarring. So it is best to avoid doing it, but if you have to it would be better to go see a skin care professional and have him or her pop them the correct way.


Eating too Much Sugar


foods such as white bread, white pasta, potato chips, cookies, and cakes, soda drinks which are Sugary and processed may be linked to acne.  Sugar is said to be a culprit of inflammation. Inflammation causes premature aging, dullness, and acne. While you are having acne, don’t forget to limit the amount of these foods.


Bad Sleeping Habits


Sleep is essential to keeping a healthy mind and body. Sleeping helps your body to repair your skin by producing collagen, which is a substance that keeps skin firm and tight. Lack of sleep puts the body into stress mode, and stress causes hormonal release that worsens acne. Thus, it is very important to get the beauty sleep your body needs to help have the soft and clear skin.


Change the habits mentioned above and see how they will help in improving your skin! Do share your experience in the comments below.