Blowing gently in the breeze perfectly small flowers that bend slightly in the wind whilst the birds watch. In awe, as small purple lavender petals swing with the air carrying scents of perfume across the garden and into the home. No whirlwind – just an air, an air of spring with the scent of wonder Smile. The flowers, the purple lavender flowers announce SPRING has arrived!!!!

Ain’t my poetry just too good guys!? I fell in love with myself all over again. Ugh! Flowers literally do that to you. Anyway, holding back my excitement on spring season’s arrival (tho it’s my birthday in some days) tell me are you just as excited for the spring? Well, sure as hell you are!

So, let’s quickly understand how this mesmerizing lavender’s essential oil will leave your life mess-less-more-merized too!

Beautiful benefits of Lavender essential oil :-

  • Eliminates nervous tension and relieves pain.
  • Disinfects the scalp and skin. Now leave behind that itchy scalp & skin rashes.
  • Enhances blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.
  • This is surely a God’s gift! Lavender infused tea helps fighting insomnia!!!! Yes yes, now you can definitely break that bed and sink yourself in the buttery silky sheets for longer hours. Drinking lavender tea releases the fragrances which may help relieve the sleep disorder.  
  • I’m sure this one’s gonna be y’all’s favorite. BUG REPELLENT ALERT:  The smell of lavender essential oil is potent for many types of bugs like mosquitoes, midges, and moths.

This Super ingredient should make its way to your Vanity, here are our top favorite Lavender enriched products:


This After Bath Oil is a blend of Basil & Lavender Essential Oils with a base of Pure Cold Pressed Oils.

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The best way to refresh you after a long tiring day. Calms & relaxes one’s mind promoting a restful night’s sleep. Release pain & inflammation in joints & muscles.  

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Lavender Rosemary Healthy Hair Massage Oil prevents hair fall & premature baldness, promotes hair growth, reduces itchiness & dry scalp conditions that lead to dandruff.      

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This spring BE A LOVE(ANDER)

P.S. You may also use the spring queen on your DIY tiaras and team it up with that floral empire waist dress 🙂

Oh honey, thank me later!