Whether we accept it or not everyone has a hint of laziness in them. People like me who don’t take their a** off their bed or couch until there is no time left in hand to get ready. Yes, I’m “ready in five minutes” kind of person. But still, those 5 mints are very important because those 5 minutes decides how I look all day and I can’t deny the compliments I get because of my makeup. So all you lazy girl’s out there, no need to get up early to look beautiful here are some tips to get ready and look beautiful in no time.

BB CreamMakeup_BB_Cream_Lazy_Girls_Fashion_beautiful

First, start with creating clear base for your face, if you are thinking that to get perfect complexion you need number of products like concealer, SPF, foundation, setting powder then you are wrong, don’t forget we lazy girls don’t have time to put our hands in so many products. You just need one product and that is BB cream. BB cream will blend easily and gives you coverage. Prefer BB cream with moisturizing, anti-aging, SPF and even skin tone properties. I recommend you to go for LA Girl BB creams, they have neutral, light, medium and fair shades for which you can choose according to your skin tone.

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Eyeliner and kajal


Eye makeup can make your day or can even ruin it. Decide what looks best on you a simple kajal or just an eyeliner or combination of both. Personally, I go for thin, thick or winged eyeliner and on some wild days, I wear both kajal and eyeliner. If you prefer eyeliner like me then choose pencil eyeliner like Lord Berry eyeliners available in different colors or LA Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil which dried up really fast, smudge proof and waterproof.


Makeup_Mascara_Black_Lazy_Girls_Fashion_beautifulEveryone is not blessed with long beautiful and dense lashes so, the mascara comes to the rescue. Get Curly long eyelashes with a simple stroke of mascara. Maybelline Colossal Mascara is the best mascara I got after trying tons of others. It gives length and curls up my lashes with black intense color and fine texture. It’s long lasting and smudge proof.

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Lipstick or Lip balm


Your makeup is incomplete without a lipstick or a lip balm. If you are going for a lipstick like me then choose your colour according to your preference but remember to pick lipstick which is long lasting and moisturising. If you are a Matte person go for a wide range of shades with Freedom, they have long lasting matte finish lipsticks or you can toss for glossy ones with Pierre Ren lipsticks. For Lip balm lovers go for Vana Vidhi Coffee Caffeine Lip Balm, easy to use with perfect colour and texture and long lasting.



Revolution Iconic Pro Blush

Just a little hint of blush on your cheeks will make you ready to go. I recommend you to choose a blush with very fine and light texture which blends easily one like Revolution Iconic Pro Blush range and use it with Lottie Make Me Blush Brush for the perfect blend and look.


Remember Choose your products very carefully because if they don’t suit you, you will waste most the time in wiping it out. So I hope these quick Makeup tips will help you to look beautiful in just 5 minutes. Don’t waste hours in front of the mirror every day, 5 minutes are enough for you.