Are you a makeup newbie looking to learn what to apply first – blush or bronzer? Or are you a beauty junkie just here for a crash course to test those skills? Whatever your reason, applying makeup should be fun! Here’s the easiest, step-by-step application guide that’ll have you transition from beginner to pro in no time.

Focus on Prime-Time– Any makeup artist will always say, ‘first, prep your face!’With a few drops of any hydrating primer, create the perfect canvas. Blend in to smoothen fine lines, minimize open pores and the best part – it’ll let your makeup stay put sansazillion touch-ups.

Conceal to Conquer – Want in on a secret? Models on magazine covers apply concealer before applying foundation. Yes, you read that right, if you want a seamless, air-brushed finish, conceal and conquer problem areas such as dark circles and blemishes first.

But First, Base – Whether you’re going for liquid, stick, powder or cream always choose a shade that matches the complexion of your face (as opposed to trying out a tint on your arm) and you’ll never scream  – Jeez, I’ve picked the wrong foundation shade, again.


All Hail, Setting Powder– Next up, is the most forgotten step. If you want a bump-free base that feels like second-skin from the A.M. to P.M.all you have to do is layer up with a big fluffy brush. This is crucial to let your base last long without signs of transferring too.

Babelicious Blushin’ – Let your face come alive with just a pop of color. The easiest way to apply blush is to smile and only swirl the blush-brush on the apples of your cheeks. Be sure to blend, blend and blend some more so that your face doesn’t look too cakey or worse.


Ready, Set, Glow–If you’re looking for a little something extra to get that glow on, brush on some highlighter for full-ontouch of glam. Dust a few strokes of gold to the highpoints of your face – high cheekbones, bridge (and tip) of your nose, Cupid’s bow.


Pop on Eye Shadow– Choose an eye shadow palette that best complements your outfit. Start off with the lightest shade on the centre of the lid, then, go darker at the crease. For a subtle-smoke apply the chosen bold tint on the outer corner and work your way in.


Getting’ Cat-Eyed – If you’ve been swaying clear of eye liner all this while due to butter-fingers, we’ve got news. Opt for a felt-tip liner to precisely outline them peepers or better yet, add a dash of drama with a longer feline flick. Here’s to winging it *wink wink*


Perk-up Peepers – Running late? Skip the shadow, but never a wiggle of mascara, trust. Long, fluttering lashes are now just a wand away, thanks to the multitude of volumizing, maximizing, lengthening variants that result in a wispy finish. Every. Single. Time.


Brow-Game, On – Get those brows on fleek with a pomade that’s a one shade lighter than your actual color. The reason, it just looks more natural. Dark browns work best for Indian skin tones. But if you’re lazy, simply brush up your arches with an old mascara wand.


Lip Linin’ is bae–Lip liner that’s darker than your lipstick? Heck no! The trend was chic in the 90s no doubt, but now MUAs call it the biggest makeup faux –pas of the decade. Line your lips with an (almost)perfect match to keep your lippie from feathering or bleeding.


Pucker Up on Repeat– Almost done, pout out loud with the best in the biz. Whether you’re going with a bold, dark shade like crimson or choose something a little flirty like rose-pink, always pat down a layer of powder after each application to be smudge-proof.


Set and Smile– Lastly, when your masterpiece aka face is complete, slaying is just a spritz away (but don’t blend or you’ll just up having to start all over again, phew). This last step literally seals the deal, as it keeps your makeup from budging once and for all.