Every day we promise ourselves that from tomorrow onwards we will start going to the gym or for a workout but every day we find a new excuse. If skin damage is one of your excuses, here are some tips to remove it excuse from your list.

If you think Sweating and bad body odder are the only things that we have to deal with during Healthy workout, then there are some other things which we have to take under consideration. We don’t realise but some serious skin damage happens during the workout. As more dead skin cells build up and cause breakouts because of sweating and don’t forget about that Itching and rashes you have to deal with. Don’t worry this article will help you with tips to head towards your workout without worrying about any skin damage.


No Makeup

The first thing you have to do before stepping out for a workout is removing all your makeup. We want to look beautiful all the time but makeup and sweating don’t go along. Eventually, Makeup and sweat will mix which can clog up your pores. To get a good cleanse for your skin you can use your daily face wash, wipes, toner or a makeup remover.


If you’re going outdoors for workouts then don’t forget to apply your sunscreen, you don’t want sunburns on that toned body.  Prefer a light product with SPF to protect you from UV rays and try to use water based and sweat proof sunscreen. Our experts suggest the Bio Bloom Sunscreen lotion.

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Lip balm

We don’t realise but mostly we breathe through our mouth while working out which makes our lips drier than they can ever be. Apply a moisturising lip balm before going for a workout. Keep your lips happy and shining.



Always use a fresh towel to wipe the sweat. I recommend you to carry your own towel for the workout because towels at gyms are washed in bulk so they are not completely germ-free.



Try to wear loose clothes and cotton based clothes to the gym because it will help in drying your sweat faster and prevent nasty infections. If you are going to gym and using that heavy equipment then try to wear full body covering clothes as there will be less contact with germs.

Bath and Face Wash

After a workout remove those sweaty clothes as soon as possible. If possible go straight for a hot nice shower which will be a complete germ proof formula for you hard workers as well as it gives that relax feeling you need after a heavy workout. If Shower is not possible then at least wash your face using a good exfoliating cleanser.



We all know that if we are working out for some weight loss or doing stretching during the workout then it will leave you with stretch marks. What if one simple step in your daily workout routine will help you to get rid of this problem and that is applying a good moisturiser. Apply a moisturiser after taking a shower on the areas that are more prone to have stretch marks on the daily basis. Isn’t it amazing one simple step and no stretch marks? Wow!!

I hope with all these tips you will head towards your goal of the perfect body and stay healthy without worrying about any skin damage.