It’s very important to stay fresh and more importantly smell fresh all day long. Especially in summers when humidity washes of the fresh feeling once you step out in the heat. Here are some amazing tips to smell fresh all day in summers.


Bath Time


Soap and water are not the enemies but body odour is and it’s time for you to change sides. The easiest, natural and common way of dealing bad body odour is having a bath. As soon as you can rush for a bath, do it. Having a bath will leave you fresh and bacteria free which actually the main reason of body odour.

Towel Off Thoroughly

After a bath, take few seconds for the towel dance. Dry your body parts properly especially the areas which are more prone to sweat like underarms, feet, and upper thigh part. Bacteria that leads to body odour reacts faster in moist areas as compared dry area. Try to keep it dry.

What to Wear


Let your clothes breath. Your clothes do more than make you look good, wearing the right material can also increase the efficiency of your sweat sesh. Try to wear material like cotton, wool, silk, bamboo and nylon. These clothes absorb the sweat and prevent body odour. Make your wardrobe more useful by choosing right clothes for summer. If you want you can also wear cotton or nylon inners for sweat relief.

Workout Burdon

If sweat from a workout is your number 1 cause of body odour then wash your workout clothes often. Sweaty gym clothes are bacteria-breeding ground. Carry hand towel with you when you head towards the gym and wipe away sweat that emerges around your arms, neck, and face. Carry a deodorant in your gym bag for the immediate fight with bad body odour.

Deodorants or Body Mist


The times when you have no time for bath or any other body odour solutions then deodorant will work best for you. Deodorant works like a smell mask and immediately gives you fresh and amazing fragrance. You can choose your favorite fragrance. I prefer strong and floral fragrance for my day wears. Deodorants can be harsh on your skin that’s why Body Mist is the god’s gift. They are very natural and long lasting. Special fruity fragrance body mists are amazing. Try Grace Cole body spritz available in your favorite fruit fragrance.

Look Before you Eat

Have you ever noticed sweat all your face or neck you are having your food? That’s called food sweats. When you eat hot or spicy food then you face food sweats. Fatty foods, oils or strong smelling food can seep through your pores and cause body odour. Switch to more healthy and oil free to overcome food sweats.

Perfume is always a…aaamazing


Perfumes are even more pleasant and long lasting as compared to deodorants. Perfume makes you more attractive and noticeable. Here is a secret for making your perfumes even more long-lasting is by not rubbing them when spray. When you spritz perfume on your wrist, don’t rub them, by rubbing your wrists against each other, you’re making the top notes of the fragrance disappear. Instead, spray the perfume on your wrists and the back of your neck, or mist it into the air and walk through it – make sure never to rub.