With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, it’s time to brainstorm ideas for what you can do with the person you’re dating.

With a little creativity and planning, you can create an awesome date for almost nothing!

So here’s all the inspiration you need to plan the perfect date this Valentines!

A Throwback Date


Recreate your first date, from where it all started. Visit the same place, order the same foods, request the same songs, and see how many details you can recall from your first kiss. Recreate your first encounter!

Get On The Road For The Photo Tour Of The City


Who doesn’t love road trips, right? Delhi is throbbing with places to visit; some involve old forts and historic monuments, some involve a walk around the botanical gardens and some involve looking at the city with a new pair of eyes. Take a photo tour around the city with your loved one and capture your moments of love.

Have an unabashed good time!

Love In The Air


Want to make your day memorable? Go For Skydiving!!!

So this is a date that will need more investment than just time. But if you have the means, drive down 50kms to the only aero center in India at Mahendragarh, Narnaul and have the best experience of air sports with your date. It’s just a huge adrenaline rush!

Bake Together


Grab those oven mitts and baking pans, and add sugar to your privacy baking a cake or your favorite batch of cookies. Because Valentines Day is a lot more than just having candle light dinners!

Create A Scavenger Hunt


Create a little mystery with your very own personalized scavenger hunt.

Invest some time and build in the mystery with clues like

Where was your first date? Or your first kiss? As a fun Valentine’s Day gift, lead your significant other on a mini hunt to some of your favorite places in the city. Bring back old memories — and make new ones.

Spice It Up


You love each other, but maybe you’re craving something different. And Hey – it’s okay for your love life to become a little less wild the longer you date, but to add some variety into it, we suggest that for Valentine’s Day, you cook dinner at home and make the evening all about yourself: a bubble bath for two, a hot oil massage, fuzzy bathrobe and your favorite movie.

At the end of the day, no matter what the place, the person you share it with is going to make it beautiful.