Product Review: Wow skin science – apple cider and vinegar shampoo

Oh the packaging looks so attractive… I am gonna buy this one and boom, added to the cart and bought!
Who all does the same thing….??
I really want to know because I am a freak for good looking products and If I see them, I have to buy them. And hence, I am a blogger by choice because when you end up buying products just by their looks, you actually end up scrutinizing it’s worth by using and abusing it to make it work somehow.
Does that happen to you as well? Comment below and share your impulse buying experiences with me.
I’ll share mine with a detailed review of this shampoo which I bought when I was in a dire need of a shampoo which would actually help me manage my frizzy and dry mane. The thought of buying this one was to make my hair manageable and bring some moisture back to prepare myself for winter’s because they are gonna get worse in winter’s…we all know that. Right?
Read below to know how it fared for me.


The look and feel of it is just wow. It comes in a brown colored plastic bottle packaging with a pump on top and I am all in for pump packaging always. So, I had to pick this up. It’s a very travel-friendly product since you can carry it anywhere by locking the pump to another side.
But, having said all of that, when it comes to functioning, the pump is the most irritating part of the packaging since the product inside is so thick in consistency that it takes ages to pump out and if it comes, then you get only 2 drops in a single pump and then starts the battle of continuous pumping to get the desired amount of product out. I hate this fact and I am switching to a normal bottle right after finishing up this review. All smiles here though…haha.


It’s Parabens and sulfates free which is good. It also claims to be made with 100% natural and raw Himalayan apple cider vinegar. For detailed list refer to the pic.


INR 499 for 300ml of product. The pricing is just fine for a paraben and sulfates free products with natural Ingredients inside….provided it should work.

Shelf life

Two years from the date of manufacturing.


Smells a lot like apple cider vinegar with a pleasant touch to it. It’s not strong at all and doesn’t even stay in hair all day long. It fades away the next day. Also, it won’t bother people allergic to strong fragrances.


Very very very thick for a shampoo and it’s so thick that it doesn’t come out of the pump easily. So, generally, I open the pump and pour out the product for using it.


You need a minimum of 4 pumps for one wash and a lot of product gets used up in one wash because it doesn’t lather up much. My hair feels harsh and chunky while washing with this shampoo and it doesn’t give a smooth application instead my hair feels more entangled. So, basically, it gets used up a lot and hence you will end up finishing it fast and it entangles up the hair much more than other shampoos.

Performance and results

As soon as I wash my hair with this shampoo, my hair starts feeling heavy and entangled so bad. Detangling my hair becomes a task for me. I have dry and damaged hair and hence I bought this thinking it will do wonders with it’s Natural ingredients and all that goodness but it didn’t do anything for me. It claims to clean up all the dirt and I have to admit I actually felt as if the gunk has washed off but I feel as if it removes natural oils from scalp making the hair rough. You have to totally rely on your favorite conditioner if you are using this shampoo, so that the end result is good.

My final verdict on this shampoo

Generally, the assumption of commoners is that if a product is overpriced/highly priced, then it might as well be a brilliant product. But, trust me it doesn’t hold true always. I had very high hopes for this one, but it didn’t perform at all!

Overall rating: 🌠🌠

Will I repurchase?
If I get it for free next time, I’ll make it work with the best conditioner ever. Else, no never!